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City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dear Lord, this book was sweet sweet perfection! So sad it's over!

Everytime anything from TID was brought up I was in freakin tears!

I'm just gonna review this by discussing the amazingness of the characters...

Clary I really don't understand the people who hate Clary. I get she's made some rash decisions, especially starting out in the series, but I always respected her decisions because they were ones that she made with good intentions, to help the people she loved. I have always loved Clary and she did not disappoint in this book.

Jace I have always loved Jace, and my love for him only grew stronger with CoHF. (spoiler) I'm so glad he decided to be a Herondale, because the Herondales are nothing short of perfect. (end spoiler) NOTE!! I was weirded out by the condom thing...but I'm sure there's some good explanation somewhere as to how and why he had one on him in a DEMON REALM...HA!

Simon *gross sobbing* we all know and love Simon for his sarcasm and overall adorableness, but he was so brave and wonderful in this book and I couldn't believe it when (spoiler) he gave up his memories to save his friends I mean, of course I believed it to be something Simon would do without question to save them, but I just couldn't actually believe Cassandra Clare could do that to fEELS!!!AND THE WHOLE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS THING OMG. AND HE'S GONNA BE A SHADOWHUNTER!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH! (end spoiler)

Izzy Bold brave beautiful and badass as always, this woman is perfect and I loved seeing a more vulnerable side to her in this book. That is all that needs to be said about Izzy :)

Alec man this book really made me change my entire view of Alec. I know everyone has been all about the Malec, but as much as I adored/love/worship (and still adore/love/worship) Magnus, I have had a very hard time liking Alec. He was so angry and grumpy and may have had his reasons but I could not get myself to like him. but THIS BOOK. I found myself laughing out loud to many things he said and though it took me til book 6, I have officially fallen in love with Alec :)

TDA characters I will admit, after seeing that Clare was going to write another series (TDA) I was worried. I was worried it wouldn't be as amazing as TMI or TID, but after CoHF, any concerns I've had have shot out the window. I fell in love with every single future TDA character in the friggin prologue. I. CAN'T. WAIT. Also, if Tessa and Zachariah are going to be in TDA at all, I may very well die...

Speaking of Tessa and Zachariah, I'm gonna throw Magnus in this group here and discuss quickly how much I love these three. They are all so wise and so strong and just so wonderful that I can't convey even into my usual mediocre words how I feel about these three, so I'm not gonna even try!

I also wanna make a quick note about Maia. Is it just me, or was anyone else really bothered by Maia in this book? I really liked her but after the (spoiler) whole Jordan dying and Maia was gonna dump him (end spoiler) thing, she just really irritated me. I mean, I appreciate her for the role she played in the book but at the same time I was pretty mad at her and I think I still kind of am...but idk I may just be overreacting!

ALSO I FEEL I NEED TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO JESSAMINE FREAKIN LOVELACE OMG JUST I CAN'T EVEN WITH THAT WHOLE PROTECTION THING I CRIED LIKE A BITCH I LOVE MY TID BABIES MORE THAN I WILL EVER LOVE ANY OTHER SHADOWHUNTERS EVER! If there is anyone out there reading this review who hasn't read TID, you're gonna need to get on that right away because it made CoHF THAT much better when it was referenced

And here's another shout out for Mr. Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I may not have been as upset (spoiler) about your death as others seemed to be, but I am sad he went through what he did. I was not expecting him to return to his real (should have been) self after being stabbed with heavenly fire (end spoiler)

So in conclusion, this book was wonderful. I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I died (see what I did there?)

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